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Ciranka, S., Linde-Domingo, J., Padezhki, I., Wicharz, C., Wu, C. M., & Spitzer, B. (2022). Asymmetric reinforcement learning facilitates human inference of transitive relations. Nature Human Behaviour, 6, 555–564.
Lifanov, J., Linde-Domingo, J., & Wimber, M. (2021). Feature-specific reaction times reveal a semanticisation of memories over time and with repeated remembering. Nature Communications, 12, Article 3177.
Meconi, F., Linde-Domingo, J., Ferreira, C. S., Michelmann, S., Staresina, B., Apperly, I. A., & Hanslmayr, S. (2021). EEG and fMRI evidence for autobiographical memory reactivation in empathy. Human Brain Mapping, 42(14), 4448–4464.
ter Wal, M., Linde-Domingo, J., Lifanov, J., Roux, F., Kolibius, L. D., Gollwitzer, S., Lang, J., Hamer, H., Rollings, D., Sawlani, V., Chelvarajah, R., Staresina, B., Hanslmayr, S., & Wimber, M. (2021). Theta rhythmicity governs human behavior and hippocampal signals during memory-dependent tasks. Nature Communications, 12, Article 7048.

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