Publikationen von Ralf H. J. M. Kurvers

Preprint (5)

Tump, A. N., Wolf, M., Romanczuk, P., & Kurvers, R. H. J. M. (2021). Avoiding costly mistakes in groups: The evolution of error management in collective decision making. PsyArXiv, 17 June 2021.
Wu, C. M., Ho, M. K., Kahl, B., Leuker, C., Meder, B., & Kurvers, R. H. J. M. (2021). Specialization and selective social attention establishes the balance between individual and social learning (Version posted online May 11, 2021). BioRxiv, 429553.
Jayles, B., & Kurvers, R. H. J. M. (2020). Exchanging small amounts of opinions outperforms sharing aggregated opinions of large crowds. PsyArXiv, 10 March 2020.
Jayles, B., Sire, C., & Kurvers, R. H. J. M. (2019). Debiasing the crowd: How to select social information to improve judgment accuracy? (Version posted online February 05, 2021). PsyArXiv, 19 September 2019.

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