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Dong, M., Palomo‐Vélez, G., & Wu, S. (2021). Reducing the gap between pro‐environmental disposition and behavior: The role of feeling power. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 51(3), 262–272.
Dong, M., Spadaro, G., Yuan, S., Song, Y., Ye, Z., & Ren, X. (2021). Self-interest bias in the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-cultural comparison between the United States and China. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 52(7), 663–679.
Dong, M., van Prooijen, J.-W., & van Lange, P. A. M. (2021). Calculating Hypocrites Effect: Moral judgments of word-deed contradictory transgressions depend on targets' competence. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology. Advance online publication.
Dong, M., van Prooijen, J.-W., Wu, S., & van Lange, P. A. M. (2021). Culture, status, and hypocrisy: High-status people who don't practice what they preach are viewed as worse in the United States than China. Social Psychological and Personality Science. Advance online publication.

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Dong, M. (2020). Being good to look good: Moral character is positively associated with hypocrisy among reputation-seeking individuals. PsyArXiv, 22 December 2020.
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