Being profoundly interested in neurocognitive development and the individuality of traits; I am especially intrigued in the mechanisms that allow plasticity over the lifespan. I am mostly interested in the dynamics of the establishment of stable - yet variable - synaptic connections and how these mechanisms might be influenced by highly conserved biological mediators (e.g. sex, nutrition during sensitive phases, stochastic unfolding of the genetic code).
After having studied the impact of temperature during synaptogenesis in Drosophila's R7 neurons, I am at the moment studying the human brains ability to adapt to a mismatch in environmental demands and its own resources over the lifespan. Having recently found a deeper interest in the difference between male and female brains, and am struck by the lack of fundamental research in the domain thus far. Integrating the knowledge from basic neurobiological research to broader fMRI based studies, I am seeking to understand the mechanisms that allow plasticity in learning and psychological development over our lifespan lifespan on a deeper level.


10/2019 - present  M.Sc. Biology (Major Neurobiology and Behavior), FU Berlin

                 "Dynamics of markers for neuronal plasticity (BDNF, IGF-1, IGFBP-3) and general fitness in

                  during a six-months intervention study in healthy older adults (AKTIV study)."                      

04/2019 - present  graduate research assistant, Lifespan Psychology, MPIB Berlin

                                    Mechanisms and Sequential Progression of Plasticity        

10/2016 - 09/2019 B.Sc. Biology, Division of Neurobiology, FU Berlin

                "Temperature-dependent brain wiring in Drosophila. Effect of Temperature on Synapse

                 Formation and Synaptic Partner Choice."            

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