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Chen, T. Y., & Rahwan, I. (2002). Temporal interaction diagrams. In M. Khosrowpour (Ed.), Issues and trends of information technology management in contemporary organizations: 2002 Information Resources Management Association International Conference, Seattle, Washington, USA, May 19-22, 2002 (pp. 843–846). Idea Group Publishing.
Rahwan, I., Kowalczyk, R., & Pham, H. H. (2002). Intelligent agents for automated one-to-many e-commerce negotiation. In M. Oudshoorn (Ed.), Computer Science 2002: Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Australasian Computer Science Conference, Monash University, Melbourne, January/February 2002 (pp. 197–204). Australian Computer Society.
(Also published in: Australian Computer Science Communications, 24(1), 2002, 197-204 ).
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