Publikationen von Ralph Hertwig

Buchkapitel (67)

Hertwig, R., & Ortmann, A. (2003). Economists' and psychologists' experimental practices: How they differ, why they differ, and how they could converge. In The psychology of economic decisions: Vol. 1. Rationality and well-being (pp. 253–272). Oxford University Press.
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Konferenzbeitrag (17)

Hertwig, R. (2020). How to improve risk literacy. In B. Siegmund & B. Friedrich (Eds.), Crossing boundaries in science: The mystery of risks - how can science help reconcile perception and assessment? Documentation of the conference held by the Joint Committee on the Handling of Security-Relevant Research, 4–6 July 2019, Potsdam, Germany (pp. 154–162). German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.
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