Former Researchers at the Center for Lifespan Psychology

This page lists former LIP colleagues who have left the Center since 2017.

Janne Adolf
Janne Adolf was a predoctoral LIFE fellow and then postdoc in the Formal Methods project. At the end of 2017 she moved on to the KU Leuwen, Belgium. more
Andrew Bender
Andrew Bender was a postdoc at the Center until early 2018, working in the ConMem and the Berlin Aging Studies projects. He is now Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, East Lansing. more
Julia Binder

Julia Binder

Julia Binder came to the Center as a LIFE-Alumna from the University of Zurich. She was a postdoc in the ConMem project until spring 2017. Sie now works for Merck in Zurich.
Oisin Butler

Oisin Butler

Oisin Butler completed his doctorate as a LIFE fellow within the Mechanisms and Sequential Progression of Plasticity project. SInce 2019, he is Real World Evidence Outcomes Data Generation Project Leader with Bayer AG, Berlin.
Whitney Cole
Whitney Cole was a postdoc in the former SensCog project in LIP. She returned to New York University in spring 2018. more
Julian Karch
Julian Karch was a predoc and then postdoc in the Formal Methods project. He moved on to become Assistant Professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands in the summer 2017. more
Attila Keresztes
Attila Keresztes was a postdoc with the former ConMem project until the end of 2018. He then returned to Budapest to establish his own research group: Hippocampus Circuit and Code for Cognition Lab (HCCCL). From 2021, HCCCL is cooperating with the Center's LIME and RHYME projects as a Max Planck Partner Group. more
Malte Kobelt
Malte Kobelt was a LIP guest working with the LIME and RHYME projects until spring 2020. He is now a predoc at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. more
Simone Kühn
Simone Kühn was head of LIP's Mechanisms and Sequential Progression of Plasticity project until early 2017. Sie became Professor of Neural Plasticity at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). In 2019, she established the Lise Meitner Group for Environmental Neuroscience at MPIB. more
Corinna Laube

Corinna Laube

Corinna Laube was a postdoc in the Mechanisms and Sequential Progression of Plasticity project until spring 2020. She is now Dean of Psychology at Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences.
Beate Mühlroth
Beate Mühlroth was a predoc and then postdoc with the ConMem project working on sleep. Since 2020 she is working for the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists in Berlin. more
Alistair Perry
Alistair Perry was a postdoc in the Lifespan Neural Dynamics Group. He moved on to the University of Cambridge, UK in spring 2020. more
Laurel Raffington
Laurel Raffington completed her doctorate within the ConMem project and und was also involved in Yee Lee Shing's Jacobs Study as a postdoc. She has been a postdoc at the University of Texas at Austin since 2019. more
Caroline Szymanski
Caroline Szymanski completed her doctorate and continued as a postdoc in the Interactive Brains, Social Minds project until summer 2018. She is now working at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam and is co-founder of Kandooee. more
Julius Verrel
Julius Verrel headed the concluded SensCog project. He has been a research scientist at Universität zu Lübeck in Germany since spring 2017. more
Claudia Wehrspaun
Claudia Wehrspaun was a postdoc in Myriam Sander's Minerva Group, the LIME project, until early 2020. She is now a psychotherapist in Munich. more
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