Work and Family Life

Child Care

The Max Planck Institute for Human Development offers child care places in cooperation with an external day-care center. In addition, we strive to provide child care during major institute events and conferences and provide financial support to help staff attending external meetings with child care costs.

Family Service

The Max Planck Society cooperates with the Germany-wide agency pme Familienservice Gruppe. This independent agency can help our employees to find, for example, babysitters, au pairs, or places in day-care centers. It also helps to organise short-term emergency care and to source care for elderly dependents. The Max Planck Society covers the agency’s fees. The costs of the care services themselves are paid by the families directly to the individual or institution providing the service; the price structure depends on the type and level of care provided.

Parent‒Child Office

A parent‒child office is available for all staff to use. It has two work stations, a play and reading corner amply stocked with toys and books, a child’s bed, a nursing chair, and a changing table. The room can also be used for child care during institute events.

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