International Office

International Office

The International Office is the central advisory office for international researchers and doctoral students. We support you with all non-academic questions with the aim of making your stay at the MPIB and in the city easier.

We will be happy to assist you in preparing for your stay, help you take care of the most important things after your arrival, provide you with practical and interesting information about life in Berlin and, of course, help you with the formalities to be dealt with before your departure and shortly after your arrival. Our goal is that in the ideal case our services can save you a lot of time, stress, and unexpected costs.

The International office offers assistance with the following topics, among others: 

  • Assistance with your visa application 
  • Guidance for living and working in Germany (registration at the local Bürgeramt, opening a bank account, health insurance, ...) 
  • Arrangements with the institute's guest apartments (if available) 
  • Help in finding accommodation by providing information about e.g. estate agents, websites, and general information about the housing situation in Berlin 
  • Information on childcare facilities and school enrolment 

The links below should give you an overview of what to prepare for your stay in Germany and which formalities have to be dealt with shortly after your arrival.

Relocation Timeline
Experience has shown that it is recommendable to start planning and organizing a relocation as early as possible. Please feel free to have a look at our recommended relocation timeline. more
Arrival at the Institute
Things you need to take care of right after your arrival, such as Anmeldung/registration, opening a bank account, residence permit, and so on. more
Onboarding Services
Here you will find an overview of the services offered by our International Office. more
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