About the Max Planck Society

“Insight must precede application.” (Max Planck)

The Max Planck Institute for Human Development belongs to the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science, one of the leading organizations for basic research in Europe.

The Max Planck Society conducts basic research in the natural sciences, life sciences, and humanities. Since its foundation in 1948, twenty Nobel laureates have emerged from its ranks. The Max Planck Society with its more than 80 Max Planck Institutes and facilities is the international flagship for German science: in addition to five foreign institutions, it operates another 20 Max Planck Centers with research institutions such as the Princeton University in the USA, the Paris University Science Po in France, the University College London in UK, and the University of Tokyo in Japan. Equally funded by federal and state governments, the Max Planck Society had an annual budget of 1.8 billion Euros in 2019.

The Max Planck Society – in 75 Seconds

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