Participate in a Study

Participate in a Study

Note: Studies with human participants are an essential aspect of research at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. In order to protect participants and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing extensive infection prevention measures based on the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute and other scientific findings. Find further information the page information on participant studies/hygiene measures.

General Information on our Studies

The Max Planck Institute for Human Development is always looking for men, women, and children of various ages who are interested in taking part in psychological studies. Here you can find out which projects are currently looking for participants and learn about the conditions for participation. If you have any questions on a specific study, please contact the person indicated. If you would like to participate in a study, please register by completing our contact form.

How do children learn? How does their knowledge about everyday objects, animals, and plants develop? In our studies with children and adolescents, we use age-appropriate methods to address these questions and more. You can find further information on our current projects here. more

Studies with Adults

What role does experience play in decision making? And how does the way we make decisions change over the lifespan? Our studies with adults seek to answer these and other psychological questions. An overview of ongoing studies is available here.


The methods we use to collect research data differ depending on the topic and the research question being addressed. Some of the methods we use are described here.

Data Analysis

The data assessed are processed and analyzed using various scientific models. Data protection is paramount at every step in this process. All data are collected and analyzed anonymously. Contact data and other personal information on study participants are collected for research purposes only and are deleted after a period of 6 months or, at the latest, once the study is completed.

Our press releases present a selection of research findings. Our aim is to communicate the Institute’s latest research in such a way that journalists and the general public are able to grasp complex ideas without prior knowledge of the research in question. Click below to access our latest press releases and all previous press releases:

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