Information Resources

The library collection of the Library and Research Information at the MPIB can be searched in various ways.

The library catalogue contains printed media from the collection, such as monographs, anthologies and specialist journals, as well as electronic media, e.g. selected e-books or online journals, most of which can only be accessed via the MPIB network.

The e-book catalogue of the Max Planck Society enables users to search for e-books that are accessible to all institutions of the Max Planck Society.

We offer you access to a number of electronic journals via the Electronic Journals Library. Moreover, the BrowZine virtual journal shelf provides access to the tables of contents of electronic journals accessible at the MPIB. Institute members can also use BrowZine as an app on their smartphone or tablet and thus be automatically informed about new issues of individually selectable journals.

The Database Information System (DBIS) provides an overview of online subject databases licensed at the MPIB and freely accessible on the Internet.

Members of the institute can access chargeable content from outside the institute network via the EZproxy service. This service works without installing any additional software and is independent of the user's operating system. Only a web browser is required and the login is done with the individual login data for the institute computers.

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