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Woman with Mask

Study tests behavioral interventions in a gaming experiment more

Woman in front of a screen

Data-based simulations point to simpler methods for containing pandemic spread while minimizing economic disruptions more

People with less memory loss in old age gain more knowledge

New findings on cognitive development in adulthood more

Young smiling couple wearing disposable masks standing in the supermarket mall, with trolley carts full of vegetables, buying food and groceries, looking for healthy products.

Adolescents—like nutrition experts—use “naturalness” to judge a food’s healthiness more

How the brain’s blue spot helps us focus our attention

The neurotransmitter noradrenaline regulates our brain’s sensitivity to relevant information more

The power of learning from experience: How we can become better intuitive statisticians

Historical and comparative analyses of research on statistical intuitions more

Brain ‘noise’ may hold the keys to psychiatric treatment efficacy

Moment-to-moment fluctuations in brain activity can indicate whether social anxiety patients will benefit from therapy more

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