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Distribution of complexity

New findings on the organizational principles of spontaneous brain activity – the "complexome" more

interactive Simulation

Study on the impact of different risk communication formats on the vaccine intentions of 1255 unvaccinated, vaccine-hesitant adults in Germany more

"Everything in moderation" – On the effectiveness of early Covid-19 measures

Leonidas Spiliopoulos answers questions about his study published in the journal BMC Public Health more

The study conducted examined the effectiveness of early Covid-19 measures such as lockdowns.

Study on the effectiveness of restrictions takes citizens’ behavioral changes into account more

Online content moderation is a moral minefield.

Study reveals key factors that affect people’s decisions to quash harmful misinformation more

How dangerous is digital media for democracy?

New systematic review in Nature Human Behaviour summarizes studies conducted worldwide

Birdsong could be used to prevent mental illness.

Study investigates the influence of birdsong on mood, paranoia, and cognition more

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