Current Research Results

Selected research results from all research centers and groups of the Institute since 2011.

Mächtige Gefühle

September 23, 2020

The emotional worlds of Germans: Ute Frevert tells another story of the twentieth century. more

How visual media informed and educated people about life and health more

Center for the History of Emotions more


November 21, 2019

The aim of this special issue, focusing on the US, Japan, and Germany, is to show to what extent fear has historically influenced the development, design, social acceptance and use of technology. more

Research investigating collective decision-making has focused primarily on the improvement of accuracy in collective decisions and less on the motives that drive individuals to make these decisions. Ralph Hertwig and colleagues argue that a strong but neglected motive for making collective decisions is minimizing the material and psychological burden of an individual’s responsibility. more

The book investigates the experiences, interpretations and practices of emotions in India between 1857 and the First World War. more

Using recent advancements in brainstem magnetic resonance imaging, we found that individual differences in learning and memory were positively associated with locus coeruleus integrity across a variety of memory tasks in both younger and older adults. more

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