Concluded Areas

Concluded Research Centers

Adaptives Verhalten und Kognition
The Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition (Director: Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer) investigated human rationality, particularly decision making and risk behavior in an uncertain world. Founded in 1997, the research center existed until 2017, when the director transitioned to emeritus status. more
Erziehungswissenschaft und Bildungssysteme
The Center for Educational Research (Director: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Baumert) examined the consequences of institutionalized learning environments for student development. Founded in 1996, the research center existed until 2010, when the director transitioned to emeritus status. more
Bildung, Arbeit und gesellschaftliche Entwicklung
The Center for Sociology and the Study of the Life Course (Director: Prof. Dr. Karl Ulrich Mayer) focused on the interdependencies between family, education, and labor markets in the context of changing welfare states. The research center existed from 1983 to 2005. more
Entwicklung und Sozialisation
The Center for Development and Socialisation (Director: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Edelstein) examined the social and individual developmental conditions of action competence. Its focus was on cognitive, social, and moral competences and on interaction competence in different environments and under conditions of increasing social inequality in the process of modernization. Founded in 1981, the research center existed until 1997, when the director transitioned to emeritus status. more

Concluded Research Groups

Max-Planck-Forschungsgruppe REaD | Schriftspracherwerb und Leseentwicklung
Until June 2018, the Max Planck Research Group ReaD (Head: Prof. Dr. Sascha Schroeder) investigated primary school children’s reading acquisition and the underlying cognitive processes. more
Until April 2018, the Otto Hahn Research Group on Associative Memory in Old Age (Head: Prof. Dr. Yvonne Brehmer) investigated neural correlates of differences in associative memory performance in old age. more
Until February 2017, the Heisenberg Research Group Socioemotional Development and Health Across the Lifespan (Head: Prof. Dr. Michaela Riediger) investigated the interplay of socio-emotional and health development across the lifespan. Subsequently, its work was further pursued in the framework of a cross-institutional research network. more
Max-Planck-Forschungsgruppe Gefühlte Gemeinschaften?
Until September 2015, The Max Planck Research Group “Felt Communities? Emotions in European Music Performances” (Head: Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller) investigated the historical development of the emotions triggered by music in the 19th and 20th centuries. more
Max-Planck-Forschungsgruppe Affekt im Lebensverlauf
Until December 2014, the Max Planck Research Group Affect Across the Lifespan (Head: Prof. Dr. Michaela Riediger) investigated differences in people’s emotional experience and affective competencies from adolescence to old age. more
Selbstständige Nachwuchsgruppe Neurokognition der Entscheidungsfindung
Until September 2010, the Independent Junior Research Group Neurocognition of Decision Making (Head: Prof. Dr. Hauke R. Heekeren) investigated mechanisms of decision making in the human brain. more
Selbstständige Nachwuchsgruppe Ausbildungslosigkeit
The Independent Research Group Lack of Training: Employment and Life Chances of the Less Educated (Head: Prof. Dr. Heike Solga) was located at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development until May 2005. more
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