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Iyad Rahwan is among the top 100 minds in Berlin science 2023

The Tagesspiegel honors scientists from the Berlin-Brandenburg research region more

Gerd Gigerenzer

He will take office on January 1, 2024  more

Nils Köbis (male) is standing on a roof covered with pebbles. He wears a dark shirt and clasps his hands in front of his stomach.

Horizon Europe is the EU's most important funding program for research and innovation more

Kerstin Maria Pahl can be seen from the waist up in front of a white concrete wall. She is wearing an orange T-shirt with a dark blue blazer over it.

The new Board of Die Junge Akademie has started its work. more

ASA Sociology of Body and Embodiment 2023 Best Book Award for Esra Sarıoğlu 

Research is a significant contribution to the sociology of body and embodiment. more

Portrait of Annie Wertz

Recognition for her novel research program  more

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