Heisenberg Research Group

From September 2015 to February 2017, the Heisenberg Research Group Socioemotional Development and Health Across the Lifespan (Head: Michaela Riediger) investigated the interplay of socio-emotional and health development across the lifespan. Subsequently, its work was further pursued in the framework of a cross-institutional research network.

One of the main focuses was on the role of empathic accuracy—the ability to infer the thoughts and feelings of other individuals correctly. How is this done by individuals from different age groups? Are there age-related differences, and if so, why? Is empathic accuracy in different age groups of varying importance for social relationships and health?

These were some of the questions the group addressed in longitudinal studies with individuals from different age groups. Its methodological approach combined methods from experience sampling, which captures emotions at the moment of their occurrence, with psychophysiological monitoring and experimental paradigms.

After conclusion of funding in February 2017, the group’s work was further pursued in the framework of a cross-institutional research network consisting of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, the Free University Berlin, the Friedrich Schilller University Jena, and other institutions. Since 2019, the research network is being coordinated by the University Jena.

Research period: September 2015–February 2017
Research period: January 2017–December 2018


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