MPRG iSearch | Information Search, Ecological and Active Learning Research with Children

How do young children learn so much about the world, and so efficiently? The Max Planck Research Group iSearch—Information Search, Ecological and Active learning Research with Children—investigates theoretically and empirically how children actively seek information in their physical and social environments as evidence to test and dynamically revise their hypotheses and theories over time.

The iSearch research program explores the development of active learning across childhood, analyzing the effectiveness of children’s information search and hypothesis testing strategies, such as question asking and selective exploration, and identifying potential sources of developmental change. In particular, we investigate “ecological learning”, defined as the ability to flexibly and dynamically select those active learning strategies that maximize learning efficiency in different learning environments. Finally, we are interested in developing an approach to classroom learning that leverages children’s active learning strategies and theory-building abilities and harnesses them to inform education policy.

Research period: October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2023

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