Independent Research Group Lack of Training

The Independent Research Group Lack of Training: Employment and Life Chances of the Less Educated (Head: Heike Solga) was located at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development until May 2005.

Why are there young people with no training and who are they? What are the long-term consequences of the lack of training in young adulthood? The Research Group Lack of Training addressed these questions by looking at the stratified German education system, which has demonstrably contributed to building different competencies in children and adolescents and has thereby established unequal learning and socialization environments. In addition, the group investigated the significance of family resources for the “passage” through the German school and training system.

The research results helped both to further specify the significance of education in society and on the labor market and to explore the connection between the labor market and other areas of life.

Reserach period: January 2000–May 2005


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