Max Planck Research Group REaD | Reading Education and Development

The Max Planck Research Group ReaD (Head: Sascha Schroeder) investigated primary school children’s reading acquisition and the underlying cognitive processes.

Unlike when learning to speak, children do not learn to read spontaneously but require instructional help. Even then, many children have difficulties learning to read and can barely understand even simple texts by the end of their compulsory education. How can these children be helped? The Max Planck Research Group REaD (Reading Education and Development) looked at the underlying structure and development of reading acquisition during childhood and adolescence by investigating what information children acquire when reading and how they use it.

To this end, longitudinal and experimental paradigms were combined so as to capture and model the development of reading-related processes. On the basis of these results, the group was able to identify and determine relevant conditional factors for developing good reading skills.

Research period: July 2012–June 2018


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