Artist & AI Residency

The Artist & AI Residency at the Center for Humans and Machines bridges contemporary art and scientific exploration, fostering interdisciplinary connections between the arts and research.

The residency is aimed as a platform to explore the transformative potential of new technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, in revolutionizing traditional image-making practices. The residency will host and support artists who incorporate cutting-edge technological advancements into their artistic process to push the boundaries of creativity and forge new pathways for artistic expression while critically investigating AI’s advancing role in creative production.

We invite artists to exchange with our scientific community at the Center for Humans and Machines at a time when new technologies are constantly expanding the horizons of hybrid creativity and artistic expression.

By harnessing the joint results of curiosity and creativity, we aim to delve into uncharted territories, dissect complex ideas, and help create groundbreaking works that challenge conventional paradigms. During the residency program, artists and scientists can collaboratively explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in redefining the landscape of traditional image-making and the changes that accrue to human art production and perception, to the image as an (interactive, data-driven, etc.) interface between the human and the machine, to the display of technologically-enhanced works, etc.

We are particularly interested in exploring new art forms and aesthetics that challenge conventional notions of creativity and artistic agency by fusing the roles and diffusing the boundaries of humans and algorithms in the creative process.

Meet our Artists

Karim Ben Khelifa, an award-winning Belgian-Tunisian artist and director, will be joining the Artist & AI Residency from April to August 2024. His work focuses on the intersection between art, science and technology in the context of the narratives of war, examining how stories are constructed and used to rationalize violence through dehumanization. [more]
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