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Nils Koebis
Current role: Professor for Human Understanding of Algorithms and Machines, University of Duisburg-Essen

“I am deeply grateful for my time at CHM, where I worked in an inspiring interdisciplinary team under Iyad’s truly visionary leadership. The collaborative and innovative culture fostered my creativity, expanded my horizons, and sharpened my critical thinking. I acquired invaluable technical skills, delved into impactful questions, and made lasting friendships along the way. Joining CHM provided a boost to my career and played a crucial part in obtaining a professorship on the “Human Understanding of Algorithms and Machines” at the Research Center Trustworthy Data Science and Security at the University of Duisburg-Essen. I look forward to staying affiliated and continuing to work with the colleagues at CHM.”
Alicia von Schenk

Alicia von Schenk

Current role: Junior Professorship in Applied Microeconomics, esp. Human-Machine Interaction, University of Würzburg

“Working at CHM in an interdisciplinary research team meant a fantastic culture of collaboration and innovation, where all team members could contribute their expertise and insights. This exposed me to new concepts, methodologies, and approaches from other disciplines and encouraged my creativity, and critical thinking. Iyad Rahwan's visionary guidance empowered us to look beyond our individual disciplines, strive for high-impact research, and explore new frontiers of knowledge and ambitious goals, which certainly broadened my horizons and provided an invaluable opportunity to make a significant academic and societal contribution. As I progress along my path, I will continue to carry this motivation to work collectively toward a shared vision and to challenge conventional thinking. I am very delighted to remain affiliated with the CHM Group in the long term, knowing that I can always rely on the knowledge and support of this exceptional team.”
inho hong
Current role: Assistant Professor, Chonnam National University

“My time at CHM as a postdoctoral fellow was undoubtedly one of the most valuable, successful, and enjoyable periods in my academic career. As part of this world-leading group in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Social Science, I enjoyed the freedom to explore ground-breaking scientific problems, engage in intellectual exchanges with the transdisciplinary team, and participate in numerous professional training opportunities, all under the full support of Iyad. This complete package made my postdoctoral period both productive and enjoyable, ultimately allowing me to achieve my career goal of becoming a faculty member.” more
Edmond Awad
Current role: Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Exeter

“Working with Iyad has been a truly transformative experience for me. Under his mentorship, I was able to acquire valuable technical skills while also being inspired to think about big, impactful questions that are both engaging and thought-provoking. Iyad's inspiring, communicative, and reflective approach has left a lasting imprint on my academic trajectory and played a crucial role in my professional development.” more
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