Publications of Pantelis P. Analytis

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Analytis, P. P., Stojic, H., & Moussaïd, M. (2015). The collective dynamics of sequential search in markets for cultural products (SFI Working Paper No. 2015-06-023). Santa Fe Institute.

Preprint (2)

Analytis, P. P., Delfino, A., Kämmer, J., Moussaïd, M., & Joachims, T. (2017). Ranking with social cues: Integrating online review scores and popularity information. arXiv, 1704.01213.
Analytis, P. P., Stojic, H., Gelastopoulos, A., & Moussaïd, M. (2017). Diversity of preferences can increase collective welfare in sequential exploration problems. arXiv, 1703.10970.
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