Publications of Tim Johnson

Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Helversen, B. von, Wilke, A., Johnson, T., Schmid, G., & Klapp, B. (2011). Performance benefits of depression: Sequential decision making in a healthy sample and a clinically depressed sample. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 120(4), 962–968.
Journal Article
Johnson, T., Dawes, C. T., Fowler, J. H., McElreath, R., & Smirnov, O. (2009). The role of egalitarian motives in altruistic punishment. Economics Letters, 102(3), 192–194.
Journal Article
Dawes, C. T., Fowler, J. H., Johnson, T., McElreath, R., & Smirnov, O. (2007). Egalitarian motives in humans. Nature, 446, 794–796.
Journal Article
Fowler, J. H., Johnson, T., & Smirnov, O. (2005). Egalitarian motive and altruistic punishment. Nature, 433, E1–E1.
Journal Article
Johnson, T., Myagkov, M., & Orbell, J. (2005). Sociality as a defensive response to the threat of loss. Politics and the Life Sciences, 23(2), 13–19.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Helversen, B. von, & Johnson, T. (2008). Der Einfluss von "Satisficing" und "Maximizing" auf das Entscheidungsverhalten. In W. Sarges & D. Scheffer (Eds.), Innovative Ansätze für die Eignungsdiagnostik (pp. 265–273). Hogrefe.
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