Aaron Peikert was awarded The Dieter Rampacher Prize 

The MPG award is given to particularly fast doctoral theses at a young age 

June 03, 2024

Aaron Peikert, Principle Investigator at the Center for Lifespan Psychology, has been awarded the Max Planck Society's Dieter Rampacher Prize for 2023.   

Aaron Peikert's dissertation deals with the topic "Towards Transparency and Open Science: A Principled Perspective on Computational Reproducibility and Preregistration". Researchers in psychology and other empirical sciences are currently having to deal with the replication crisis, which means that numerous scientific findings cannot be repeated due to various causes (e.g. sociological biases). However, this is a fundamental requirement of empirical scientific work.   

This is precisely where Aaron Peikert's research comes in, as he theoretically analyzes various solutions to the replication crisis from the field of open science and simplifies their practical application. 

The MPG rewards this prize every year to a doctoral student who completed a doctorate at a Max Planck Institute at a particularly young age. The prize is usually awarded to young researchers aged between 25 and 27. 

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