Most of the colloquia will take place on site in the large conference room of the MPIB, Lentzeallee 94, 14195 Berlin, at 17:00 CET, pending the Covid-19 situation at the time.
Audience members are asked to wear a medical or FFP2 mask.
Links for WebEx events will be posted here ahead of time. The WebEx Meeting app can be downloaded in advance (it is also possible to connect via your browser.)  Please consult our guidelines for WebEx Meetings below.

For further information please contact: Daniela Petrosino


Program Winter Semester 2022/23

Holly Yanacek (James Madison University)
Feeling beyond the human: on human and non-human emotions in modern German cultural history

Helena Flam (Universität Leipzig)
Vanity and contempt in the NSU video clip

15.11.2022  - online
Annika Raapke (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
Fighting the good fight? Exploring conflict in letters from the eighteenth-century French Caribbean

Katharina Jörder (Freie Universität Berlin)
Encountering emotions in researching South Africa‘s apartheid propaganda photography

Joyce Nyairo (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
Public mourning: rules, rights and responsibilities in the age of social media

Ying Zhang (Ohio State University; American Academy in Berlin)
Should anger be managed? Bureaucratic culture in Ming China (1368-1644)

Anna Medvedovska („Tkuma“ Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies; Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
The Holocaust in Ukraine trough the prism of national resentment

Susan Marks (London School of Economics and Political Science; Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
On dignity

Ofer Idels (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
The Hebrew experience: revolutions, Jewish life in modern Palestine and the history of emotions

Dolores Martín Moruno (University of Geneva)
Moral economies of care: gender, experiences and humanitarian knowledge(s)

Marian Füssel (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
Feelings in the lecture hall: a practical history of academic teaching in the eighteenth century


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