Due to COVID-19, the upcoming colloquia will be held in a purely virtual format as WebEx Meetings usually at 5 pm (unless otherwise stated) . You can download the WebEx Meeting app in advance. (It is also possible to connect via your browser.)  Please also consult our guidelines for WebEx Meetings.

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Program Winter Semester 2021/22

Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly (University of Oxford)
Stirring Emotions at Home: the British Empire in India

Heike Paul (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
American Civil Sentimentalism, Past and Present

Ludivine Broch (University of Westminster)
Merci America! Liberation, Aid and (in)Gratitude in Post-war France

Jennifer Boittin (Pennsylvania State University)
Policing Passionate Women in the French Empire, 1919-1948

Victoria de Grazia (Columbia University)
Should We Consider Fascism as an Historically Distinct ‘Emotional Regime’?

Haley McEwen (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)
Anti-Gender Anxieties: 'Gender' and 'Civilization' within 'Pro-family' Discourse

Stefan Malinowski (University of Edinburgh)
No King Asleep in the Mountain. Love and Hatred for the German Monarchy since 1918

Theo Jung (University of Freiburg)
Silent Protest: The Emergence of a New Mode of Contentious Politics in Europe and the United States (c. 1880-1925)

Adwoa Opong (Chapman University)
For a Healthy and Respectable Nation: The Federation of Ghana Women, and the Question of Customary Marriages in Postcolonial Ghana, 1953-1959

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Alexandra Oeser (University of Paris Nanterre)
Laughing about Nazism, anger, fear and joy. Emotions in Court Cases in Nazi Germany, 1936-1944

Elissa Mailänder (Sciences Po Paris)
Got a Light? Soldiers, Cigarettes, and the Semantics of Wartime Photography

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