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Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Holford, D., Jenny, M. A., Hahn, U., Koylyu, A., Scherzer, M., Lewandowsky, S., Herzog, S., Fasce, A., & Wulf, M. (2022). COVID-19: Communication of public health information. [Written evidence submitted by SciBeh for the Scottish Government’s] COVID-19 Recovery Committee, 15th Meeting, 2022 (Session 6), Thursday 26 May 2022. CVDR/S6/22/15/1. In COVID-19 Recovery Committee 15th Meeting, 2022 Thursday, May 26, 2022 (pp. 1–15). The Scottish Parliament,

Report (1)

Holford, D., Fasce, A., Tapper, K., Demko, M., Lewandowsky, S., Hahn, U., Al-Rawi, A., Alladin, S., Boender, T. S., Bruns, H., Fischer, H., Gilde, C., Hanel, P. H. P., Herzog, S., Kause, A., Lehmann, S., Nurse, M. S., Orr, C., Pescetelli, N., Petrescu, M., Sah, S., Schmid, P., Sirota, M., & Wulf, M. (2022). A manifesto for science communication as collective intelligence.

Preprint (1)

Yesiladaa, M., Holford, D. L., Wulf, M., Hahn, U., Lewandowsky, S., Herzog, S. M., Radosevic, M., Stuchlý, E., Taylor, K., Ye, S., Saxena, G., & El-Halaby, G. (2021). Who, what, where: Tracking the development of COVID-19 related PsyArXiv preprints. PsyArXiv, May 31, 2021.
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