Michael Geers receives Graduate Conference Award of the Psychonomic Society

The society honors outstanding graduate student members with this award

October 18, 2022

Michael Geers, Predoctoral Fellow at the Center for Adaptive Rationality, has been awarded the Graduate Conference Award of the Psychonomic Society.

In his award-winning study, he explores how aware people are of their own errors in detecting political misinformation and shows that several psychological factors can explain interindividual differences in this self-awareness. More broadly, Michael Geers’ PhD thesis seeks to better understand human behavior in online environments, particularly pertaining to misinformation and microtargeting, and to develop interventions to mitigate these challenges.

The Psychonomic Society’s Graduate Conference Award is annually awarded to outstanding graduate student members of the society.

For more information, read the official announcement of the Psychonomic Society.




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