The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory

The construction work and installation for the Institute's MRI lab took place in the course of 2011. The lab is equipped with a Siemens TIM Trio tomograph (field strength 3 Tesla). The MRI Lab is located in the basement of a building adjacent to the Institute. To avoid measurable field distortions, the magnet was placed more than 10 meters away from moving masses of iron, such as cars or elevators. The tomograph was ramped up in December 2011. After an extensive test phase, the first empirical studies were started in April 2012.

The Institute's tomograph is equipped for proton (1H) MRI and MR spectroscopy (MRS) with a 32-channel receive system, two 12-channel and two 32-channel head radio frequency coils, and a circularly polarized birdcage headcoil. Instrumentation for phosphorus (31P) MRS, that is, a dual-tuned circularly polarized head coil, a dual-tuned surface coil, and an additional high-frequency amplifier working at the resonance frequency of phosphorus, is also available. Additional components include:

  • a visual presentation system based on video projection, mirrors, and a screen,
  • an audio/video stimulus presentation system using headphones and goggles,
  • a transcranial magnetic stimulation system with an MR-suited stimulation coil,
  • an MR-suited EEG system,
  • an MR-compatible eye-tracking system, and
  • a variety of handheld response boxes for children and adults.

The laboratory also houses a mock (i.e., fake) scanner that looks identical to the real scanner. The mock scanner is used to familiarize research participants, in general, and children, in particular, to the scanning environment.

MRT Team
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The MRI core team (see box on the right) provides scientific and technical support for all MR imaging activities at the Institute.

Usage of the MRI Lab

Core Team

Technical assistants

Sonali Beckmann (head of MRI measurement facility)
Nadine Taube


Thomas Feg
Sebastian Schröder


Nils C. Bodammer
Davide Santoro

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