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New Articles

Omar Kasmani
"Audible Spectres: The Sticky Shia Sonics of Sehwan", DOI: 10.14280/08241.54

Christian von Scheve
"Affect and Emotion in the Religious-Secular Divide", DOI: 10.14280/08241.56

Margrit Pernau and Max Stille
"'Oh Time, oh time! Why Did I Waste You?' A Nightmare", DOI: 10.14280/08241.52

Sandra Schnädelbach
"Humor and the Politics of Emotion in the Courts of the Weimar Republic", DOI: 10.14280/08241.60



Since October 2013 we publish on our website "History of Emotions - Insights into Research" contributions to the History of Emotions.

Short essays with the use of concrete sources as examples demonstrate the sources and methods as well as the questions and perspectives through which the history of emotions can be explored and its range and knowledge potential can be specified. Additionally this "insight into our research" should stimulate (interdisciplinary) communication on the history of emotions.
This portal is constantly updated with more posts. We invite you to visit our platform regularly, to discuss the contributions and to add your own article.

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