Geschichte und Gefühl (2012)

Plamper, J. (2012). Geschichte und Gefühl. Grundlagen der Emotionsgeschichte. München: Siedler Verlag.

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This book is meant, above all, to serve as an introduction to the history of emotions. It is organized around the binary of social constructionism vs. universalism that has shaped all emotions research since the 19th century. After sketching approaches to emotions from philosophy and the historical discipline itself, the book looks at the enormous variety of cross-cultural emotional expression and experience anthropologists have found. It then turns to the universalist pole embodied by the life sciences, from 19th century experimental physiology and psychology to the latest affective neuroscience. In a final chapter it offers perspectives on a future history of emotions beyond the constructionism/universalism binary. Accessibly written and intermixed with examples from all periods of history, the book warns against simplistic humanities appropriations of affective neuroscience, but at the same time is cautiously optimistic and delineates some areas in which cooperation with history might become possible.

Book Launch

Max Planck Science Gallery Berlin, 04.02.2013
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The well attended book launch took place on 4 February, 2013 in the Max Planck Science Gallery in Berlin. Moderator was Prof. Dr. Ute Frevert. The autjor Prof. Dr. Jan Plamper and Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer (director, MPIB) discussed central issues of the book.


Geschichte und Gefuehl. Jan Plamper | Buchcover