Emotional Lexicons (2014)

Ute Frevert et al.: Emotional Lexicons | Buchcover

Ute Frevert, Monique Scheer, Anne Schmidt, Pascal Eitler, Bettina Hitzer, Nina Verheyen, Benno Gammerl, Christian Bailey & Margrit Pernau. Emotional Lexicons. Continuity and Change in the Vocabulary of Feeling 1700-2000 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014)
ISBN 978-0-19-965573-1

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Emotions are as old as humankind. But what do we know about them and what importance do we assign to them? Emotional Lexicons is the first cultural history of terms of emotion found in German, French, and English language encyclopaedias since the late seventeenth century. This knowledge was (and still is) related to fundamental questions regarding the human condition: Are feelings of mental or physical nature? Can emotions be interpreted? Do animals have feelings? Are women more emotional than men? Are there children’s and grown-ups’ emotions? Is it possible to "civilize feelings"? Can emotions cause illnesses? Are groups capable of emotions? Can feelings bond or divide? The historically changing answers to these questions demonstrate that the knowledge about emotions has always been closely linked with the social, cultural and political structures of modern societies.