Jürgen Baumert receives a special prize for his lifetime achievement

January 28, 2019

The Empirical Educational Research awards a special prize for lifetime achievement.

Jürgen Baumert, Director emeritus of the Emeritus Group Educational Research, receives a special prize for his lifetime achievement. The prize was awarded for the first time by the Society for Empirical Educational Research (Gesellschaft für Empirische Bildungsforschung, GEBF). In the opinion of the GEBF Executive Board, there would be no German-language empirical educational research without the scientific achievements of Jürgen Baumert. The prize is also intended to pay tribute to Baumert's great and successful commitment to the promotion of young scientists.
The prize will be awarded at the GEBF conference on 25 February 2019 in Cologne. Jürgen Baumert will give a testimonial lecture afterwards.

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