Inho Hong awarded by the 'Korean Physical Society'

Paper on universal growth of cities honored with 'Young Statistical Physicist Award'

May 06, 2021

Inho Hong, Research Fellow at the Center for Humans and Machines, received the 'Young Statistical Physicist Award' by the ‘Korean Physical Society’. This award recognized his paper on ‘The universal pathway to innovative urban economies‘, recently published in the journal ‘Science Advances’. Hong’s research focuses on urban dynamics, social mobilization, future of work and human mobility in the field of social physics.

The ‘Korean Physical Society‘ is a non-profit scientific society established to provide a forum for academic exchange among scholars and researchers in the field of physics. Outstanding research achievements that contribute greatly to the development of statistical physics can be recognized with the 'Young Statistical Physicist Award'.

This includes, for example, publishing excellent articles in prestigious journals or publishing a very good dissertation. An awardee must have completed his or her dissertation within the last two years.

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