Anna Thoma was awarded the Otto Hahn Medal 2024  

The Max Planck Society honors up to 30 young scientists each year for outstanding scientific achievements  

June 13, 2024

Anna Thoma, postdoc at the Center for Adaptive Rationality, was awarded the Otto Hahn Medal 2024 for her dissertation in the humanities, social, and human sciences section.  

In her dissertation, “The Development of Probability Learning and Repeated Choice Behavior in Childhood: An Ecological and Longitudinal Perspective”, she examined cognitive and environmental factors that shape the development of decision-making strategies in children. She is particularly fascinated by how learning and exploration skills are promoted by the interplay of cognitive development and increasing life experience.  

Every year, the Max Planck Society honors young scientists for outstanding scientific achievements, which they have usually made in connection with their doctoral thesis. 

Further information can be found on the website of the Max Planck Society.

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