Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2020 goes to Bettina Hitzer

Book “Feeling Cancer. A 20th-century history of emotions” was awarded in the category non-fiction/essayistic

March 12, 2020

Bettina Hitzer was awarded the Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2020 in the category non-fiction and essayistic for her book “Feeling Cancer. A 20th-century history of emotions”. “Bettina Hitzer traces the history of this disease more comprehensively than ever before: she writes a social history, a history of emotions and a media history”, the jury explained its decision. Due to the cancellation of the Leipzig Book Fair, the winners were announced on Deutschlandfunk Kultur. The announcement and the jury's statement can be heard here in German.

From 2014 to January 2020 Bettina Hitzer was Minerva Research Group Leader at the Center for the History of Emotions. In 2017 she completed her habilitation at Freie Universität, where she also works as a private lecturer.

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