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Journal Article
Gigerenzer, G. (1996). The psychology of good judgment: Frequency formats and simple algorithms. Medical Decision Making, 16(3), 273–280.
(Reprinted in La dimensione cognitiva dell'errore in medicina [The bounded rationality of medical decision making: A cognitive approach], by V. Crupi, G. F. Gensini, & M. Motterlini, Eds., 2006, Milan: Franco Angeli).
Journal Article
Gigerenzer, G., & Goldstein, D. G. (1996). Reasoning the fast and frugal way: Models of bounded rationality. Psychological Review, 103, 650–669.
(Reprinted in Judgement and decision making: An interdisciplinary reader, 2nd ed., pp. 621-650, by T. Connolly, H. R. Arkes, & K. Hammond, Eds., 2000, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press)
(Reprinted in The legacy of Herbert Simon in economic analysis: Vol. 1, pp. 242-262, by P. E. Earl, Ed., 2001, Cheltenham, UK: Elgar)
(Reprinted in The psychology of world equity markets: Vol. 1, pp. 218-237, by W. de Bondt, Ed., 2005, Northampton, MA: Elgar)
(Reprinted in Cognitive Science: Vol. 6, pp. 300-341, by K. E. Lamberts, Ed., 2008, London: Sage)
(Reprinted in Judgement and decision making: Vol. 3, pp. 247-283, by N. Chater, Ed., 2009, London: Sage)
(Reprinted in Heuristics: The foundations of adaptive behavior, pp. 33-57, by G. Gigerenzer, R. Hertwig, & T. Pachur, Eds., 2011, New York: Oxford University Press)
(Reprinted in Risk: Vol. 1. Psychological - and American - Origins, pp. 149-189, by A. Burgess, Ed., 2017, London: Sage).

Book (1)

Keller, M. (1996). Moralische Sensibilität: Entwicklung in Freundschaft und Familie. PsychologieVerlags Union.

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Brass, M. (1996). Versuch einer Vereinfachung der Erhebung von weisheitsbezogenen Leistungen: Die Klassifikation von vorgegebenen Antworten auf ein Lebensproblem [Diploma Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin].
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