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Journal Article
Gigerenzer, G. (1991). From tools to theories: A heuristic of discovery in cognitive psychology. Psychological Review, 98(2), 254–267.
(Italian translation: Dagli strumenti alle teorie: Un' euristica della scoperta scientifica in psicologia cognitiva. Nuova Civilta delle Macchine, 1992, 10, 38-60)
(Reprinted in Historical dimensions of psychological discourse, pp. 336-359, by C. F. Grauman & K. J. Gergen, Eds., 1996, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press).
Journal Article
Gigerenzer, G., Hoffrage, U., & Kleinbölting, H. (1991). Probabilistic mental models: A Brunswikian theory of confidence. Psychological Review, 98(4), 506–528.
(Reprinted in Research on judgement and decision making: Current, connections, and controversies, pp. 95-143, by W. M. Goldstein & R. M. Hogarth, Eds., 1996, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press)
(Reprinted in Cognitive psychology in the three last decades of the 20th century, by Z. Chlewinski, Ed., 2007, Gdansk, Poland: GWP).
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