Publications of Konstantinos V. Katsikopoulos

Book Review (4)

Book Review
Katsikopoulos, K. V. (2010). Don't take gurus too seriously [Review of the book A science of decision making: The legacy of Ward Edwards, by J. W. Weiss & D. J. Weiss]. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 54(4), 401–403.
Book Review
Katsikopoulos, K. V. (2005). [Review of the book Thinking: Psychological perspectives on reasoning, judgment, and decision making]. The European Association for Decision Making Bulletin: Autumn, Autumn, 6–7.
Book Review
Katsikopoulos, K. V., & Hanoch, Y. (2005). [Review of the book Preference, belief, and similarity: Selected writings of Amos Tversky]. European Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 17, 155–158.
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