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Book Chapter
Baltes, P. B., & Smith, J. (1995). Psicologia da sabedoria: Origem e desenvolvimento. In A. L. Neri (Ed.), Psicologia do envelhecimento: Temas selecionados na perspectiva de curso de vida (pp. 41–72). Papirus Editora.
Book Chapter
Smith, J., & Helmchen, H. (1995). The Berlin Aging Study: Its multidisciplinary potential. In M. Bergener, J. Brocklehurst, & S. I. Finkel (Eds.), Aging, health, and healing (pp. 267–280). Springer.
Book Chapter
Smith, J., & Barnes, A. (1994). Older adults' concerns about future personal wellbeing. In N. Frijda (Ed.), Multidisciplinary research on emotions (pp. 355–359). ISRE Publications.
Book Chapter
Baltes, P. B., Smith, J., & Staudinger, U. M. (1992). Wisdom and successful aging. In T. B. Sonderegger (Ed.), Psychology and aging: Nebraska Symposium on Motivation 1991 (pp. 123–167). University of Nebraska Press.
Book Chapter
Baltes, P. B., & Smith, J. (1990). Toward a psychology of wisdom and its ontogenesis. In R. J. Sternberg (Ed.), Wisdom: Its nature, origins and development (pp. 87–120). Cambridge University Press.
Book Chapter
Baltes, P. B., Smith, J., Staudinger, U. M., & Sowarka, D. (1990). Wisdom: One facet of successful aging? In M. Perlmutter (Ed.), Late life potential (pp. 63–81). Gerontological Society of America.
Book Chapter
Smith, J., & Baltes, P. B. (1990). A life-span perspective on thinking and problem-solving. In M. Schwebel, C. A. Maher, & N. S. Fagley (Eds.), Promoting cognitive growth over the life span (pp. 47–69). Erlbaum.
Book Chapter
Smith, J., Dixon, R. A., & Baltes, P. B. (1989). Expertise in life planning: A new research approach to investigating aspects of wisdom. In M. Commons, J. Sinnott, F. A. Richards, & C. Armon (Eds.), Adult development: Vol. 1. Comparisons and applications of developmental models (pp. 307–331). Praeger.
Book Chapter
Kliegl, R., Smith, J., & Baltes, P. B. (1986). Testing-the-limits, expertise, and memory in adulthood and old age. In F. Klix & H. Hagendorf (Eds.), Human memory and cognitive capabilities: Mechanisms and performances: Part A (pp. 395–407). North-Holland.

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Baltes, P. B., & Smith, J. (2002). New frontiers in the future of aging: From sucessful aging of the young old to the dilemmas of the Fourth Age. Presented at The Valencia Forum: An International Scientific Congress.
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