The Unread Stasi Files

Study examines the motives behind former East Germans’ decisions not to view their files more

Walk in the nature

Study shows that a one-hour walk in nature reduces stress-related brain activity more

Kind is playing with Lego

Study shows that children find their own solutions thanks to broad focus more

Woman with Mask

Study tests behavioral interventions in a gaming experiment more

Woman in front of a screen

Data-based simulations point to simpler methods for containing pandemic spread while minimizing economic disruptions more

People with less memory loss in old age gain more knowledge

New findings on cognitive development in adulthood more

Young smiling couple wearing disposable masks standing in the supermarket mall, with trolley carts full of vegetables, buying food and groceries, looking for healthy products.

Adolescents—like nutrition experts—use “naturalness” to judge a food’s healthiness more

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