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Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Gigerenzer, G. (1989). Kognitive Prozesse und Werkzeug-Metaphern: Antwort auf Jungermann & Wiedemann und Schulz [Cognitive processes and tool metaphors: A reply to Jungermann & Wiedemann and Schulz]. Psychologische Rundschau, 40, 33–35.
Journal Article
Gigerenzer, G. (1989). A general algorithm for pattern recognition? Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 12(4), 764–765.
Journal Article
Sedlmeier, P., & Gigerenzer, G. (1989). Do studies of statistical power have an effect on the power of studies? Psychological Bulletin, 105, 309–316.
(Reprinted in Methodological issues & strategies in clinical research, pp. 389-406, by A. E. Kazdin, Ed., 1993, Washington, DC: American Psychological Association).

Book (1)

Gigerenzer, G., Swijtink, Z. G., Porter, T., Daston, L., Beatty, J., & Krüger, L. (Eds.). (1989). The empire of chance: How probability changed science and everyday life. Cambridge University Press.
(German translation: Das Reich des Zufalls. Heidelberg: Spektrum, Akademischer Verlag, 1999)
(Excerpts translated into French in Risques, 3, 51-58) .

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Gigerenzer, G. (1989). The tools-to-theories hypothesis: On the art of theory construction in cognitive psychology. In J. A. Keats, R. Taft, R. A. Heath, & S. H. Lovibond (Eds.), Proceedings of the XXIV International Congress of Psychology of the International Union of Psychological Science (I.U.Psy.S.) Sydney, Australia, August 28-September 2, 1988 (pp. 163–171). North-Holland.

Book Review (1)

Book Review
Daston, L., & Gigerenzer, G. (1989). The problem of irrationality [Review of the book "Patterns, thinking, and cognition"]. Science, 244, 1094–1095.
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