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  1. 2020
    Journal Article
    Gigerenzer, G. (in press). Der mündige Patient. Gesundheit und Gesellschaft: G + G.
  2. 2019
    Journal Article
    Artinger, F. M., Artinger, S., & Gigerenzer, G. (2019). C. Y. A.: Frequency and causes of defensive decisions in public administration. Business Research, 12(1), 9–25.
  3. Journal Article
    Gigerenzer, G. (2019). How to explain behavior? Topics in Cognitive Science. Advance online publication.
  4. Journal Article
    Gigerenzer, G. (2019). Axiomatic rationality and ecological rationality. Synthese. Advance online publication.
  5. Journal Article
    Gigerenzer, G., Luan, S., & Liu, Y. (2019). Are we truly irrational and almost impossible to educate? Analyzing the scientific evidence behind libertine paternalism [in Chinese]. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 51(4), 395–406.
  6. Journal Article
    Luan, S., Reb, J., & Gigerenzer, G. (2019). Ecological rationality: Fast-and-frugal heuristics for managerial decision making under uncertainty. Academy of Management Journal, 62(6), 1735–1759.
  7. Journal Article
    McDowell, M. E., Gigerenzer, G., Wegwarth, O., & Rebitschek, F. G. (2019). Effect of tabular and icon fact box formats on comprehension of benefits and harms of prostate cancer screening: A randomized trial. Medical Decision Making, 39(1), 41–56.
  8. 2018
    Journal Article
    Chater, N., Felin, T., Funder, D. C., Gigerenzer, G., Koenderink, J. J., Krueger, J. I. I., Noble, D., Nordli, S. A., Oaksford, M., Schwartz, B., Stanovich, K. E., & Todd, P. M. (2018). Mind, rationality, and cognition: An interdisciplinary debate. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 25(2), 793–826.
  9. Journal Article
    Gigerenzer, G. (2018). The bias bias in behavioral economics. Review of Behavioral Economics, 5(3-4), 303–336.
  10. Journal Article
    Gigerenzer, G. (2018). Statistical rituals: The replication delusion and how we got there. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 1(2), 198–218.
  11. Journal Article
    Gigerenzer, G., Rebitschek, F. G., & Wagner, G. G. (2018). Eine vermessene Gesellschaft braucht Transparenz. Wirtschaftsdienst, 98(12), 860–866.
  12. Journal Article
    Haksöz, Ç., Katsikopoulos, K., & Gigerenzer, G. (2018). Less can be more: How to make operations more flexible and robust with fewer resources. Chaos, 28, Article 063102.
  13. Journal Article
    Jenny, M. A., Keller, N., & Gigerenzer, G. (2018). Correction: Assessing minimal medical statistical literacy using the Quick Risk Test: A prospective observational study in Germany [BMJ Open, 8:e020847 (2018) doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-020847]. BMJ Open, 8, Article e020847corr2.
  14. Journal Article
    Jenny, M. A., Keller, N., & Gigerenzer, G. (2018). Assessing minimal medical statistical literacy using the Quick Risk Test: A prospective observational study in Germany. BMJ Open, 8, Article e020847.
  15. Journal Article
    Keller, N., Jenny, M. A., Gigerenzer, G., & Ablin, R. J. (2018). PSA-Screening: Möglicher Nutzen und Schaden. Deutsches Ärzteblatt, 115(13), A 583-A 587.
  16. Journal Article
    McDowell, M., Galesic, M., & Gigerenzer, G. (2018). Natural frequencies do foster public understanding of medical tests: Comment on Pighin, Gonzales, Savadori and Girotto (2016). Medical Decision Making, 38(3), 390–399.
  17. Journal Article
    Wegwarth, O., & Gigerenzer, G. (2018). US gynecologists' estimates and beliefs regarding ovarian cancer screening's effectiveness 5 years after release of the PLCO evidence. Scientific Reports, 8, Article 17181.
  18. 2017
    Journal Article
    Donner-Banzhoff, N., Seidel, J., Sikeler, A. M., Bösner, S., Vogelmeier, M., Westram, A., Feufel, M., Gaissmaier, W., Wegwarth, O., & Gigerenzer, G. (2017). The phenomenology of the diagnostic process: A primary-care based survey. Medical Decision Making, 37(1), 27–34.
  19. Journal Article
    Fleischhut, N., Meder, B., & Gigerenzer, G. (2017). Moral hindsight. Experimental Psychology, 64(2), 110–123.
  20. Journal Article
    Gigerenzer, G. (2017). Can search engine data save lives from pancreatic cancer? BMJ Opinion, June6(2017), Article .
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