Bernhard Spitzer

Leader of the Research Group Adaptive Memory and Decision Making



Main Focus

  • Decision making
  • Working Memory
  • Learning
  • Numerical cognition
  • Neural oscillations

Curriculum Vitae

2022-now     Research Group Leader Adaptive Memory and Decision Making, MPIB Berlin

2020-2022    Senior Research Scientist at ARC, MPIB Berlin

2018-2019    Research Scientist at ARC, MPIB Berlin   

2016-2017    DFG Research Fellow, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

2013-2015    DFG Principal Investigator, Freie Universität Berlin 


2022-2027    DFG Heisenberg Programme (SP 1510/7-1; role: PI)

2022-2026    ERC Consolidator Grant (ERC-COG-2020, DeepStore; role: PI)

2021-2024    DFG research grant (SP 1510/6-1; role: PI)

2018-2018    DFG return stipend (SP 1510/3-1; declined)

2016-2017    DFG research fellowship (SP 1510/2-1; role: fellow)

2013-2015    DFG research grant (SP 1510/1-1; role: PI)

Selected Publications

Ciranka, S., Linde-Domingo, J., Padezhki, I., Wicharz, C., Wu, CM., Spitzer, B. (2022). Asymmetric learning facilitates human inference of transitive relations. Nature Human Behaviour, 6, 555–564.

Appelhoff, S., Hertwig, R., Spitzer, B. (2022). Control over sampling boosts numerical evidence processing in human decisions from experience. Cerebral Cortex. bhac062.

Juechems, K*., Balaguer, J.*, Spitzer, B.*, Summerfield, C.* (2021). Optimal utility and probability functions for agents with finite computational precision. PNAS, 118(2), e2002232118.

Kang, Z., Spitzer, B. (2021). Concurrent visual working memory bias in sequential integration of approximate number. Scientific Reports11, 5348 (2021)

Luyckx, F., Nili, H., Spitzer, B.*, Summerfield, C.* (2019). Neural structure mapping in human probabilistic reward learning. eLife, e42816

Spitzer, B., Waschke, L., Summerfield, C. (2017). Selective overweighting of larger magnitudes during noisy numerical comparison. Nature Human Behaviour0145 (2017).

Spitzer, B. & Haegens, S. (2017). Beyond the Status Quo: A Role for Beta Oscillations in Endogenous Content (Re-) Activation. eNeuro0170-17.2017

Christophel, T. B., Klink, P. C., Spitzer, B., Roelfsema, P. R., & Haynes, J.-D. (2017). The Distributed nature of working memory. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 21, 111–124.

Spitzer, B., Blankenburg, F., Summerfield, C. (2016). Rhythmic gain control during supramodal integration of approximate number. Neuroimage129, 470-479.

Spitzer, B., Fleck, S., Blankenburg, F. (2014). Parametric alpha- and beta-band signatures of supramodal numerosity information in human working memory. Journal of Neuroscience34, 4293-4302.

Spitzer, B., Blankenburg, F. (2011). Stimulus-dependent EEG activity reflects internal updating of
tactile working memory in humans. PNAS, 108, 8444-8449.


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