Main Focus

Head of Research Area Neurocognitive Foundations of Adaptive Rationality

  • Decision making
  • Memory processes
  • Numerical cognition
  • Neural oscillations

Curriculum Vitae

2018-2019    Research Scientist at ARC, MPIB Berlin

2016-2017    DFG Research Fellow, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

2013-2015    DFG Principal Investigator, Freie Universität Berlin 

Selected Publications

Luyckx, F., Nili, H., Spitzer, B.*, Summerfield, C.*, (2019). Neural structure mapping in human probabilistic reward learning. eLife e42816 doi: 10.7554/eLife.42816  

Spitzer, B., Waschke, L., Summerfield, C. (2017). Selective overweighting of larger magnitudes during noisy numerical comparison. Nature Human Behaviour0145 (2017).

Spitzer, B. & Haegens, S. (2017). Beyond the Status Quo: A Role for Beta Oscillations in Endogenous Content (Re-) Activation. eNeuro0170-17.2017

Spitzer, B., Blankenburg, F., Summerfield, C. (2016). Rhythmic gain control during supramodal integration of approximate number. Neuroimage129, 470-479.

Spitzer, B., Fleck, S., Blankenburg, F. (2014). Parametric alpha- and beta-band signatures of supramodal numerosity information in human working memory. Journal of Neuroscience34, 4293-4302.

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