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At our Institute, we are successfully conducting unsupervised experiments across various museums.

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In research center Adaptive Rationality, we explore decision-making in today's complex and rapidly changing world. We do this by conducting low-effort, unsupervised, gamified and fun experiments in different museums across the world.

We conduct the same experiments across different cultures to study similarities and differences across cultures. In the experiments, museum visitors become an integral part of data collection.

We make it appealing for visitors to take part in the experiments by keeping the studies short (a few minutes), visually attractive (materials are designed by professional designers), fun, and educational. The exhibition element does transform over time, so the element is continuously updated showcasing ongoing research projects.

Who is the offer intended for?
To museums that attract a diverse public in  terms of age range, including children, as we are interested in understanding how decision processes develop across age groups. Additionally, we are looking for museums who would like to commit to this initiative for a longer period of time.

The experiment setup consists of a few tablets mounted on a table. The experiments are unsupervised, meaning there is no experimenter on site. After installing the tablets, they require little to no further effort from the museum. The only thing required is a reliable internet connection to connect to an online server, hosting the experiments.

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Dr. Ralf Kurvers

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