Publications of Leonhard Waschke

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Journal Article
Månsson, K. N. T., Waschke, L., Manzouri, A., Furmark, T., Fischer, H., & Garrett, D. D. (2022). Moment-to-moment brain signal variability reliably predicts psychiatric treatment outcome. Biological Psychiatry, 91(7), 658–666.
Journal Article
Waschke, L., Donoghue, T., Fiedler, L., Smith, S., Garrett, D. D., Voytek, B., & Obleser, J. (2021). Modality-specific tracking of attention and sensory statistics in the human electrophysiological spectral exponent. eLife, 10, Article e70068.
Journal Article
Waschke, L., Kloosterman, N. A., Obleser, J., & Garrett, D. D. (2021). Behavior needs neural variability. Neuron, 109(5), 751–766.
Journal Article
Spitzer, B., Waschke, L., & Summerfield, C. (2017). Selective overweighting of larger magnitudes during noisy numerical comparison. Nature Human Behaviour, 1(8), Article 0145.
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