Publications of Johanna Habicht

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Journal Article
Bowler, A., Habicht, J., Moses-Payne, M. E., Steinbeis, N., Moutoussis, M., & Hauser, T. U. (2021). Children perform extensive information gathering when it is not costly. Cognition, 208, Article 104535.
Journal Article
Dubois, M., Habicht, J., Michely, J., Moran, R., Dolan, R. J., & Hauser, T. U. (2021). Human complex exploration strategies are enriched by noradrenaline-modulated heuristics. eLife, 10, Article e59907.
Journal Article
Moses‐Payne, M. E., Habicht, J., Bowler, A., Steinbeis, N., & Hauser, T. U. (2021). I know better! Emerging metacognition allows adolescents to ignore false advice. Developmental Science, 24(5), Article e13101.
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