Publications of Athina Tzovara

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Journal Article
Castegnetti, G., Tzovara, A., Khemka, S., Melinščak, F., Barnes, G. R., Dolan, R. J., & Bach, D. R. (2020). Representation of probabilistic outcomes during risky decision-making. Nature Communications, 11, Article 2419.
Journal Article
Tzovara, A., Meyer, S. S., Bonaiuto, J. J., Abivardi, A., Dolan, R. J., Barnes, G. R., & Bach, D. R. (2019). High-precision magnetoencephalography for reconstructing amygdalar and hippocampal oscillations during prediction of safety and threat. Human Brain Mapping, 40(14), 4114–4129.
Journal Article
Bach, D. R., Tzovara, A., & Vunder, J. (2018). Blocking human fear memory with the matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor doxycycline. Molecular Psychiatry, 23(7), 1584–1589.
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